Bringing a Son Home

One hundred years ago, an educated woman named Harriet Monroe wrote an article about her time at Sunday Breakfast Association, now Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission.  Despite struggling with understanding how to best help, she works hard to bring a son back to his mother.  Read this historical account and see how much things have changed!   Abbreviated

Families have the Power to Prevent Homelessness

A few days ago, Overcomer Thomas came up to me and said, “I have bad news.” My hands shot up to my mouth while my mind rushed with potential catastrophes: death in the family, fellow Overcomer relapse, Garfield the Cat is lost.  “I am leaving the program,” he continues.  My mind is running at triple speed:

Christine Shares Her Story

This testimony was written by Sunday Breakfast’s first female graduate, Christine, who is currently working at Wayne Hall.  Learn more about Christine and Wayne Hall by reading her story and seeing life through her eyes. As I ponder what to say about Wayne Hall, the women’s division of Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, a flood of stories and anecdotes run through

Nine Year Volunteer, Laurel, Reflects on Spring, Trust, and Hope

The following was written by Laurel Tackett. Laurel and her husband, Phil, have been volunteering once a week at the Mission for nine years!   Riding on the train to come to volunteer at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission in the early spring, I see the promise of new life everywhere. There are tiny buds on

Growing Roots: Urban Farming with the Overcomers

For the past few weeks, every day has been Earth Day at the Mission as the Overcomers work hard on the urban farm growing in our parking lot.  As you may know, it is difficult to find “green space” in Center City Philadelphia.  Since we do not have a traditional yard, our Farm is being

Post Lent Reflections

Like many Christians, I chose to participate in Lent this year.  You can read about that decision here.  Instead of giving up my favorite food, I gave up avoiding homeless people when I meet them on my journeys.  I dedicated myself to smiling to everyone, responding when something was said, or offering to buy food