Five Ways to Spread Christmas Cheer

As cliché as it sounds: Christmas is about giving.  Giving cheer, giving presents, and (most of all) giving love.  Sometimes we forget this when we are all bogged down with ugly sweater parties, cookie eating contests, and shopping trips.  We get so caught up in the present-buying mindset that we forget to have a truly

Giving Thanks

In a post from November 2014, Rachel in Flight discussed her experiences with Sunday Breakfast and the Fall Food Drive.  All content in this post was written by  Rachel in Flight:     Around this time a few years ago, I was having lunch with a friend and venting how flustered I was that Christmas was around the

Gearing Up for Thanksgiving

By this time of year, we have all drank, baked, and otherwise eaten enough pumpkin spice flavored goodies to last us the whole year through.  But as we light cinnamon flavored candles, the homeless in Philadelphia should not be forgotten.  This year Sunday Breakfast is hosting our most ambitious Thanksgiving to-date.  Instead of doing a

Homelessness is Not a Crime

As the great Kevin Bacon once said, “dancing is not a crime!” and neither should be homelessness.  Homelessness, like dancing, is a part of life for some people.  Sure, it isn’t as fun as dancing but it is just as unnecessary to outlaw homelessness today as it was to outlaw dancing in Footloose. Twenty-one cities

An Open Letter to a Program Prodigal

Dear ____, So I heard about what happened.  I asked about why I hadn’t seen you in a few days and got the two word reply of “he used.”  I “knew” that people would come in and out of the Mission depending on where they were with recovery.  But it hurt to see a premature

“Haves” and “Have Nots”

While driving down Pearl Street and politely nodding to the men sitting on the sidewalk, I feel guilty.  When sleeping in my comfortable bed and listening to the rain tapping outside, I feel guilty.  As I talk to a man who was literally sleeping on the street two months ago about my apple preferences (Pink

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