Homelessness is Not a Crime

As the great Kevin Bacon once said, “dancing is not a crime!” and neither should be homelessness.  Homelessness, like dancing, is a part of life for some people.  Sure, it isn’t as fun as dancing but it is just as unnecessary to outlaw homelessness today as it was to outlaw dancing in Footloose. Twenty-one cities

An Open Letter to a Program Prodigal

Dear ____, So I heard about what happened.  I asked about why I hadn’t seen you in a few days and got the two word reply of “he used.”  I “knew” that people would come in and out of the Mission depending on where they were with recovery.  But it hurt to see a premature

“Haves” and “Have Nots”

While driving down Pearl Street and politely nodding to the men sitting on the sidewalk, I feel guilty.  When sleeping in my comfortable bed and listening to the rain tapping outside, I feel guilty.  As I talk to a man who was literally sleeping on the street two months ago about my apple preferences (Pink

Crafting Hope with a Birthday Surprise

Our 13th Street Location had a very special visitor this weekend during one of our meal services. With a pair of glasses squared on his nose, a determined smile lining his mouth, and cape fastened around his neck flowing behind him as he stepped around the corner, our unique visitor entered the Mission’s dining room.

Inspiring Community: A New Staff Member’s First Impression

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“And this is our Emergency Shelter, where we have 180 beds for men who need a place to stay for the night. Upstairs we have an additional 40 beds for those who choose to enter our Long-term Overcomer Program, which makes over 200 beds total in this building alone.” As we approached the end of

The Trouble with Tents in Bucks County

Tent City

Blog Post Written by: SBRM Blogger Abigail When I was a kid, there was nothing quite so rewarding as spending the night in a makeshift tent of tattered blankets and dining room chairs. My brothers and I would agonize over the architecture of such masterpieces. Sometimes we’d design secret rooms or break out the cardboard