5 Ways to Help the Homeless during the DNC

The national spotlight will be on Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention July 25-28. In an effort to prepare for this high-profile event, city officials are installing additional beds in city shelters and increasing the number of outreach workers on the ground to help the homeless community. Anytime a prominent event happens in the city,

Hope in the Heat

The temperatures are on the rise in Philadelphia, and weather forecasts show that the region will see several 90 degree days! On days like these, I can avoid the heat by spending hours at the pool, staying hydrated with cold glasses of water, and relaxing in the air conditioning. However, that is not the case

Share the Love

There are many things I take for granted and having comfortable shoes to wear every day is one of them. I’ve never really stopped to think about what life would be like with only one pair of shoes –  one pair of shoes to wear in winter and summer, and in the rain and snow. I

Give Local, Philly!

  If you’re like me, you are passionate about a lot of things – travel, writing, shopping, education, music, the news, missions, food, family, scrapbooks – the list goes on! However, all my passions seem to lead back to one thing – making a difference! I love supporting causes that directly impact others. I frequent

VIDEO: Grow Food Where You Live

Being one of the first interns to work on the Sunday Breakfast Farm was a joyful experience for Overcomer Greg. He shares his experience and a bit of his story in the video above – Grow Food Where You Live –  filmed by Natasha Cohen-Carroll through Asian Arts Initiative. In the rain or in sunny weather,

Breaking Bread Together

I’d like to invite you to dinner. Don’t worry about bringing anything because it is taken care of. We will bow our heads while someone says grace. You will be served first because you are my guest. Then we will eat together, share about our day, and laugh at each other’s jokes as friends and