Movie Review: Time Out of Mind

Time Out of Mind is a new film in select theaters which deals with the realities of homelessness.  Try to take the time to see it (at the Ritz East in Philly) or stream it on Xfinity on Demand. In the film, Time Out of Mind everything is “reduced.”  George, played by Richard Gere, is

Ten Facts about Homelessness and the Papal Visit

Everyone knows that Pope Francis will be visiting Philadelphia on September 22nd through 26th.  But do you know what will happen to the homeless men and women who live in Philadelphia?  Over a hundred homeless men and women who live on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and around the city will be displaced by the security

One Flood

  Over the past few weeks, the Mission has been under construction due to flood damage and necessary upgrades.  No services have been suspended but we have had to move things around.  When the construction began, we just planned on revamping the entryway in order to make the Mission a more welcoming place for the

Required Reading for Ending Homelessness

Want to help end homelessness?  I hope so.  The following books are recommended by the people at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission who have dedicated their lives to helping homeless men and women.  Look through the list and pick one to read on your own.   Invisible Neighbors by John Ashman Recommended by Executive Director Dick McMillen “Invisible Neighbors

Bringing a Son Home

One hundred years ago, an educated woman named Harriet Monroe wrote an article about her time at Sunday Breakfast Association, now Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission.  Despite struggling with understanding how to best help, she works hard to bring a son back to his mother.  Read this historical account and see how much things have changed!   Abbreviated

Families have the Power to Prevent Homelessness

A few days ago, Overcomer Thomas came up to me and said, “I have bad news.” My hands shot up to my mouth while my mind rushed with potential catastrophes: death in the family, fellow Overcomer relapse, Garfield the Cat is lost.  “I am leaving the program,” he continues.  My mind is running at triple speed: