Writing to be Known

More often than you would expect, when guests at the Mission hear that I am “a writer” their expression changes as they explain that they too like to write.  Honestly, it is more accurate to describe myself as “a reader” because I genuinely enjoy reading so much more than I enjoy writing.  So when I have

Top 5 Unexpected Items Sunday Breakfast Always Needs

There are a lot of expectations for what donations are most needed at a large emergency shelter like Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission.  Many of these expectations are completely true, eg: nonperishable food items, shirts, hats, blankets, etc. But there are a few things that we always need but seldom receive.  So I am going to

Giving Kindness for Lent

Like many other individuals who grew up in the church, my family sporadically celebrated Lent.  Some years we would dive into the waters of self-sacrifice with both feet while other years we would stick a toe in and realize that the water was very cold!   Lent is held for the forty days (Sundays not included)

Upcycle a Life

Have you ever experimented with upcycling?  Or do you even know what it is?  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, to upcycle means to “Reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.” Don’t worry, I am not going try to convince you to start upcycling.  Instead, I want

Taking a “Snow Day”

There are two ways to react to a sudden snowfall in Philadelphia: Annoyance: “Do I seriously have to go to work in this?” Ignorance: “I can still weave in and out of traffic.” Joy: “It’s like a winter wonderland!” I fall under the third category.  Despite a hatred of the cold: I love the snow. 

Remember the Forgotten this Christmas

  After starting work at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, I have had to reevaluate how I see the world.  For instance:  I can’t hear the rain without thinking of the people living in it, I can’t leave food uneaten on my plate because of those who have none, and I can’t buy a new top