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VIDEO: Grow Food Where You Live

Being one of the first interns to work on the Sunday Breakfast Farm was a joyful experience for Overcomer Greg. He shares his experience and a bit of his story in the video above – Grow Food Where You Live –  filmed by Natasha Cohen-Carroll through Asian Arts Initiative.

In the rain or in sunny weather, Greg said he found himself working alongside local artist and urban farmer Meei Ling Ng, who spearheaded the farm effort with AAI more than a year ago.

“Plants need to be maintained, brought along – they need to be pruned so they can grow … it’s just like us,” Greg said. “Down the line, it turns into something beautiful, and into something someone can get something from.”Sang Cun (39)

“After all this destruction,” Greg continues, “I did in my life to myself, I get some joy out of this. I can see something grow and put a smile one someone’s face.”

Overcomer Greg, and other Overcomers in the program, have learned the basics of farming under Meei Ling. She has taught them everything from planting seeds to cultivating and harvesting produce, much of which was brought to the plates of the homeless men and women the Mission serves.

Meei Ling began working with the Overcomers, staff, and volunteers at the Mission and volunteers from the local community in February 2015. Together they set up a farm and art installation in the Mission’s parking lot along Vine Street. Since it launched last winter, the Farm has become a venue for food education, food production, and community building.

“What inspired me to do this … Sunday Breakfast Farm was to use my art to draw attention about food insecurity,” Meei Ling says in the video. “Growing food where you live is part of the solution.”

The farm has provided approximately one ton of fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers that have been used in the Sunday Breakfast kitchen, distributed to members of the community, and sold at local farmers markets to benefit the Farm.

In preparation for the 2016 farming season, Meei Ling is working closely with a group of apprentice’s from the Mission and teaching them how to maintain the Farm. In addition to the apprentices, the farm is also dependent on dedicated volunteers that lend a helping hand.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Sunday Breakfast Farm contact the Mission’s volunteer coordinator at You can also support projects like the Farm by donating funds because these projects are made possible through donations. Your support helps educate homeless men and women about healthy, sustainable eating, that can have a positive impact on their lives for years to come!

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