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Upcycle a Life


IMG_1568Have you ever experimented with upcycling?  Or do you even know what it is?  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, to upcycle means to “Reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.” Don’t worry, I am not going try to convince you to start upcycling.  Instead, I want to share about what is already happening at the Sunday Breakfast Thrift Store in Penndel.  Old, discarded, and mishandled items find new life with a little paint and a lot of patience.  Volunteers rescue many “unsellable” items in order to transform them into beautiful “must haves.” I, personally, am always keeping tabs on what reinvented items come out of the old scraps.  These forgotten pieces are remade then sold to provide funds to support Sunday Breakfast.  It is the mission of Sunday Breakfast to help discarded members of our society transform into vital and productive individuals. These upcycled pieces of furniture sold are a symbol of the transformative power of love.  The men and women in our Programs are not changed overnight.  It takes months of sanding, varnishing, and countless coats of paint.  It is never easy and not always fun but the results are spectacularPhotoGrid_1421343536824. All proceeds from either of our Thrift Stores sustains the work done at the Mission.  It is because of loyal thrift store customers that we are able to remain independent from government funding.  Five of our program graduates are currently full time employees at the Mission’s BeeHive Thrift Store.  They are an everyday reminder of how drastically lives can be changed. When a graduate is ready to move into their own place, furniture is provided for them at no charge.  This resource is not just for members of our program, it is available to many ex-homeless individuals through our Bucks County Furniture Bank located at our Penndel Store. Come down to one of our SBRM Thrift Stores to support true transformations by purchasing items today.  You can also support the Mission by donating your own pieces of furniture to be sold or given away for those in need.


BeeHive and BeeHive Too 7136 Rising Sun Avenue, Philadelphia, PA (215) 742-5060 Penndel Store 71 Bellevue Avenue, Penndel, PA (215) 741-1010 facebook.com/SBRMPenndelStore


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