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God’s Provision

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Each day when I arrive to work at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, I walk through the Learning Center. The room that once occupied a computer lab, study tables, and book shelves, is now in need of major renovations after a flood damaged the space. When I see it, I feel discouraged because I know how important the center is to the Overcomers.
You see, the Learning Center is the heartbeat of the Mission’s long-term Overcomer Program. It’s the place where the men gather for Bible classes with the chaplains, as well as for GED tutoring or resume writing assistance with our dedicated volunteers. The Overcomers used the computer lab to apply for jobs or spend a few solitary moments reading their Bibles at the tables.

Blog 9 - Photo 1

The Learning Center is an essential part of the Overcomer program; it provides the men with the opportunity to acquire some of the basic, professional skills they need to continue onward in their journey. Each time I walk through the center, I think about Overcomers like Tom who want to have a better life. With the learning center out of commission, Tom’s job search was met with some challenges as most applications are filled out electronically.  The Mission’s staff was there to provide guidance and support in order to find ways around this hindrance. After a lengthy  search, Tom recently secured a job at a local restaurant.
“Being patient is good,” Tom said to me with a huge smile on his face. “It’s important to wait on God because it’s worth it. I’m so excited I could jump up and down.”
It is homeless men like Tom, who strive to have a better life, that need the Learning Center and benefit greatly from it. Community organizations, churches, and faithful friends like you, see this and have dedicated more than $12,000 to the Mission’s $35,000 Learning Center renovation project thus far.

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The last few months have been encouraging, as we have witnessed God’s provision shining through what has been a difficult situation. God continues to give us hope through the kindness of friends like you who  care deeply about the homeless men the Mission serves.
You can continue to come alongside the Overcomers and encourage their success, by donating to the Learning Center renovation project! Every dollar guarantees that these men have the resources they need to pursue a better life!

5 Ways to Help the Homeless during the DNC

Democratic National CoventionThe national spotlight will be on Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention July 25-28. In an effort to prepare for this high-profile event, city officials are installing additional beds in city shelters and increasing the number of outreach workers on the ground to help the homeless community.

Anytime a prominent event happens in the city, our homeless brothers and sisters seem to be displaced as official’s work to get things in order for the thousands of guests that will flood the region. Most recently, this occurred when all eyes were on the city last fall for the World Meeting of Families and the Papal Visit. Security barricades and restricted zones, pushed our homeless friends further into the margins, making travel difficult, and finding shelter and food almost impossible.

Despite these hardships, Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission was open, and the staff was ready to care for anyone in need that came to our door. Our history of 138 years of service will continue during the DNC as it does every day. We will carry out our mission of helping the hungry, homeless, and hurting in the greater Philadelphia area. During the week of the DNC, we will be hard at work caring for our homeless neighbors and you can too. Here are 5 simple ways you can get involved:


Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission will be open and operate as normal the week of the DNC. We will continue our daily tradition of serving three meals a day. We welcome volunteers to come and lend a helping hand, as our homeless friends share meals with us in our air conditioned building. We could see an increase of guests for meals that week, and could always use the extra help!  If this sounds like a good fit for you then fill out a Volunteer Application here.


Although our guests may come share meals with us during the day, some will leave our facility and enter back into the heat. Bottled water will come in handy for the guests who choose to join in on the excitement. Help provide bottled water so our homeless brothers and sisters stay hydrated in the heat. To make a donation contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@sundaybreakfast.org.


If you learn of someone in need of a place to stay during the DNC or any other day of the year, please direct them to the Sunday Breakfast emergency shelter located at the corner of 13th and Vine streets. Beginning at 7 p.m. each night, our men’s emergency shelter will be admitting guests. Our emergency shelter holds 180 beds, and we can make provisions for additional guests should we reach overflow status.


Every day, Sunday Breakfast staff are in prayer for the safety of our homeless friends. Please join us in prayer for the safety of the city’s homeless community during the convention, as well as our city as a whole. We need to always remember to come together and help one another every day, but especially when our city hosts a big event that may displace some of our homeless neighbors.


It’s because of generous supporters like you, that Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission remains in operation 365 days a year. Help support the homeless community in Philadelphia, by ensuring the Mission remains a resource for those in need, regardless of the activities that are happening in our city. Donate today and help change the lives of homeless men, women, and children in the greater Philadelphia region!

Give Local, Philly!


If you’re like me, you are passionate about a lot of things – travel, writing, shopping, education, music, the news, missions, food, family, scrapbooks – the list goes on! However, all my passions seem to lead back to one thing – making a difference!

I love supporting causes that directly impact others. I frequent local fair-trade bouGive Local Philly 2tiques because I know the craftsmen are receiving the money they deserve for their products. I love supporting missionaries doing work locally and abroad because I know they are working to change the lives of those around them by sharing the love of Christ.

Most of all, I love being a part of Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission. I enjoy sharing a meal with homeless men and women and hearing their story. I also enjoy supporting the organization’s mission of meeting the basic, physical needs of the homeless individuals we serve while encouraging them to live a renewed life.

These are things that I care about and support! So, my question for you is, what are you passionate about?

Are you passionate about helping the homeless man you see sleeping on the street? How about the hungry woman and child who can’t afford a meal? You can turn your passions into actions!

Partner with Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission on May 3 as we join the Give Local Philly campaign part of Give Local America, an annual event that encourages passionate people like you and me to financially support the local causes we love!

Make a difference in the lives of the hungry, homeless, and hurting in Philadelphia, by visiting our website May 3 and give a $10 donation. With a $10 donation, you can provide a meal for five homeless individuals at the Mission. It doesn’t cost much to make a difference!

So, join the movement! Give locally this Tuesday and help change the lives of those in need!

Ten Facts about Homelessness and the Papal Visit

Ten Facts about Homelessness and the Papal

Everyone knows that Pope Francis will be visiting Philadelphia on September 22nd through 26th.  But do you know what will happen to the homeless men and women who live in Philadelphia?  Over a hundred homeless men and women who live on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and around the city will be displaced by the security zones.  So what is Sunday Breakfast planning to do about this? A lot!

Sunday Breakfast is ensuring everyone is served during the Papal Visit

  1. Stockpiling: The Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission Kitchen has been gathering nonperishable food items to be used during the Papal weekend.  If there is a sudden influx of people then the food we have in the pantry should more than cover our new guests.  There has also been toiletries set aside for an overflow of people.  But more is always welcome if you would like to donate food items or toiletries!
  2. Staff Lodgings: A few staff members will be spending the whole weekend at the Mission.  Matt, our Director of Operations, will be available around the clock in case of any immediate needs. Billy, one of our chefs and an Overcomer graduate, will also be living here the whole weekend to ensure that everyone gets fed.  We will also continue to have a chaplain on duty at all times.
  3. Keeping People Informed: Cards with Sunday Breakfast’s phone number, meal times, and bed check-in time has been distributed throughout the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.  If anyone needs a place to stay or a meal to eat then they have been personally welcomed to join us at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission.
  4. Portable meals:  Normally the meals we serve are made to be eaten at the Mission in community.  But for this weekend, lunch and dinner will be more portable in case the men and women eating here would like to save it for later.  Ability to get around the city quickly will be greatly hindered so we want to make sure that they can keep their food with them until they need it most.
  5. New bedding:  120 new mattresses will be coming to the Mission to provide a better night’s sleep to those in need.  There are also new pillows and sheets which have been donated by a local hotel!
  6. Bag Storage: It is very difficult to get around the city when you have to carry all of your possessions with you.  This is why we always offer to keep personal belonging in our Baggage Room.  This service will be offered to anyone staying with us that wants to attend the public mass.  It is important that our guests have the same opportunity to attend (or not attend) the historic events being held throughout the city.
  7. Extra cots:  Just like in Code Blue during the winter, Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission is always prepared for more people.  If more men seek shelter than our 180 bed Emergency Shelter can accommodate then overflow cots are set up in the Dining Room.  We never turn someone away due to lack of beds.
  8. Transportation:  There are a few staff members who will not be sleeping at the Mission.  They will be personally shuttled to and from the security zones by our CEO Dick McMillen.  It is all hands on deck to ensure that the Mission stays open!
  9. Some Closed Shelters: A few smaller shelters have been forced to close for various reasons.  This influx of people will be difficult to carry but Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission has no intention of closing.
  10. Historically Don’t Close: Last year, a power outage left us without power for two days.  During that time, we served food off of paper plates.  We didn’t close then and we won’t close now.  Sunday Breakfast has been serving people since 1878 and we have no intention of stopping anytime soon.