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God’s Provision

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Each day when I arrive to work at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, I walk through the Learning Center. The room that once occupied a computer lab, study tables, and book shelves, is now in need of major renovations after a flood damaged the space. When I see it, I feel discouraged because I know how important the center is to the Overcomers.
You see, the Learning Center is the heartbeat of the Mission’s long-term Overcomer Program. It’s the place where the men gather for Bible classes with the chaplains, as well as for GED tutoring or resume writing assistance with our dedicated volunteers. The Overcomers used the computer lab to apply for jobs or spend a few solitary moments reading their Bibles at the tables.

Blog 9 - Photo 1

The Learning Center is an essential part of the Overcomer program; it provides the men with the opportunity to acquire some of the basic, professional skills they need to continue onward in their journey. Each time I walk through the center, I think about Overcomers like Tom who want to have a better life. With the learning center out of commission, Tom’s job search was met with some challenges as most applications are filled out electronically.  The Mission’s staff was there to provide guidance and support in order to find ways around this hindrance. After a lengthy  search, Tom recently secured a job at a local restaurant.
“Being patient is good,” Tom said to me with a huge smile on his face. “It’s important to wait on God because it’s worth it. I’m so excited I could jump up and down.”
It is homeless men like Tom, who strive to have a better life, that need the Learning Center and benefit greatly from it. Community organizations, churches, and faithful friends like you, see this and have dedicated more than $12,000 to the Mission’s $35,000 Learning Center renovation project thus far.

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The last few months have been encouraging, as we have witnessed God’s provision shining through what has been a difficult situation. God continues to give us hope through the kindness of friends like you who  care deeply about the homeless men the Mission serves.
You can continue to come alongside the Overcomers and encourage their success, by donating to the Learning Center renovation project! Every dollar guarantees that these men have the resources they need to pursue a better life!

One Flood


One Flood

Over the past few weeks, the Mission has been under construction due to flood damage and necessary upgrades.  No services have been suspended but we have had to move things around.  When the construction began, we just planned on revamping the entryway in order to make the Mission a more welcoming place for the men and women we serve. But then in one night, the size of this project doubled because of some major flooding which destroyed the Learning Center.

This is why suddenly and without warning the Mission was forced to “think outside the box” about where to hold classes, meetings, and computers.  This unexpected change of plans is a stark reminder of how quickly one can be forced into a new (and maybe worse) situation.

With one flood, the Overcomers are robbed of their Learning Center.  The carpets, doors, and some of the walls were irreparably damaged by the water.  But the flood took more than the room; it took the books, the shelves, the computers, the desks, and one very nice conference table.  This unforeseen loss forces us to appreciate what we have (or had) and how easy it is to lose something important.  This transition demonstrated that with one flood, one hurricane, or one fire we can lose everything and find ourselves on the street.

Many of us think that homelessness could never effect us but the fact is that one natural disaster could lead us down that road.  As I write this, there are wildfires sweeping California and forcing hundreds of families to evacuate their homes.  Hopefully, the fire will stay well away from their houses and they will not be thrust into homelessness but it is impossible to be certain when it comes to nature.  Homelessness can hit anyone with just one natural disaster which is why it is so important to stop thinking “that could never happen to me” and start thinking about ways we can work together to help those who have been effected.

But even though the Mission is under construction, we continue to work hard to help as many people as possible.  Regardless of the construction, the Mission is serving three meals a day, housing hundreds of people a night, and hosting clinics like normal.  This difficult but rewarding time parallels the transformations that happens every day for the men in the Mission.  We may be dealing with the growing pains of construction but these men are changing everything.  Changing your life is hard, uncomfortable, and generally unpleasant but it is sometimes necessary and always rewarding.

Transformation and new beginnings are concepts that we think about regularly at the Mission.  We are working hand in hand with people who are striving to change or beginning to befriend people who have yet to make that choice.  Your continued partnership in this time of growth is greatly appreciated because, like the men here, we couldn’t do it alone.