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Share the Love Shoe DriveThere are many things I take for granted and having comfortable shoes to wear every day is one of them. I’ve never really stopped to think about what life would be like with only one pair of shoes –  one pair of shoes to wear in winter and summer, and in the rain and snow. I never thought about the impact this could have on my life, and the impact it has on the lives of those who truly only have one pair of shoes, until I met Ms. Tamara.

Well into her 60s, Tamara is an elderly woman that frequents Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission for meals. Several times a week   she makes her way to the Mission from a nearby women’s shelter using a cane to help her walk. One bitter cold afternoon this January she came to the Mission seeking a hot lunch, a fresh pair of shoes, and clean socks. Thankfully, because of dedicated supporters like you, all three of Tamara’s needs were met.

Tamara was wearing a pair of tattered sneakers with no socks. Her ankles were swollen, and her feet were bruised and dry. I provided her with a decent pair of sneakers, and fresh socks that were generously donated to the Mission. She gave me a friendly smile filled with gratitude and immediately put on her new shoes. When she was ready to go, she allowed me to pray with her before she entered back into the blistering cold. As she made her way down the sidewalk, I was grateful that we could help keep her feet warm and secure.

I have come to learn that footwear is essential for our homeless friends, especially since good, quality shoes aren’t readily available to them. As homeless men and women navigate the streets of Philadelphia throughout the year, their shoes become battered, and new ones are difficult to come by. However, you can ensure that your homeless neighbors have access to decent footwear all year round by participating in the Share the Love Sneaker Drive June 27.

Sunday Breakfast has partnered with our friends at K-LOVE Radio this summer to collect sneakers for the hungry, homeless, and hurting individuals the Mission serves. You can provide our homeless neighbors with comfortable footwear by donating a pair of shoes. Collection bins will be located at these churches throughout the greater Philadelphia area June 27.

Can’t make it to a drop-off location? Don’t worry. Sunday Breakfast always accepts shoe and other donations. At your convenience, you can drop off a donation at the Sunday Breakfast emergency shelter, located at 302 N. 13th Street, Philadelphia; the BeeHive Thrift Store, located at 7136 Rising Sun Avenue, Philadelphia; or the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission Thrift Store, located at 71 Bellevue Avenue, Penndel.

I have seen firsthand the impact your kindness has on the lives of our homeless friends. It is when we are able to provide for their immediate needs, that many find the strength to step securely into a renewed life with Christ. You can help make this possible today!

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