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Hope in the Heat

WaterThe temperatures are on the rise in Philadelphia, and weather forecasts show that the region will see several 90 degree days! On days like these, I can avoid the heat by spending hours at the pool, staying hydrated with cold glasses of water, and relaxing in the air conditioning. However, that is not the case for many homeless men and women.

Excessively hot days can be miserable for our homeless brothers and sisters who have no place to go. On mornings when I walk to Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, I see homeless individuals seeking shade beneath underpasses or resting underneath the awning of a vacant storefront in an effort to stay cool.

Hot days can be unbearable when I don’t have access to air conditioning, but then I think about how much more miserable it is for homeless men and women who don’t have access to it on a regular basis. For our homeless friends, hot days don’t just offer several hours of temporary uneasiness like they do for me. The heat can bring weeks of discomfort as our homeless neighbors struggle to stay cool and hydrated on the city streets.

Keeping Cool

Because of supporters like you, Sunday Breakfast can be a beacon of hope in the heat this summer. We see an influx of guests seeking shelter in our cool, air conditioned building, while enjoying a satisfying meal and something refreshing to drink. During hot days, the air conditioned dinning room stays open after meals so our guests don’t have to venture out into the hot sun.

Staying Hydrated

Along with staying cool, staying hydrated throughout the day is important for our guests. When our homeless friends come to the Mission they can drink as much water as they want. However, when they choose to leave we don’t always have bottled water to give them before they go. Bottled water is an essential item we need this summer, because our guests can easily transport it, and it guarantees they’ll have something to drink throughout the day.  

Renewing Hope

During my time at Sunday Breakfast, I have learned that it doesn’t take much to impact someone’s life in a significant way. I’ve always wanted to make a difference by helping people in big ways. But in many cases, it is the small things we do that have a lasting impact.

Sunday Breakfast began changing the lives of homeless men in the late 1800’s by offering them bread and cups of coffee. And you and I can continue that Mission of helping our homeless neighbors by blessing them with bottled water in this summer heat.

To learn how you can donate bottled water to the hungry, homeless, and hurting email our volunteer coordinator at

A little really goes a long way!

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