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Give Local, Philly!


If you’re like me, you are passionate about a lot of things – travel, writing, shopping, education, music, the news, missions, food, family, scrapbooks – the list goes on! However, all my passions seem to lead back to one thing – making a difference!

I love supporting causes that directly impact others. I frequent local fair-trade bouGive Local Philly 2tiques because I know the craftsmen are receiving the money they deserve for their products. I love supporting missionaries doing work locally and abroad because I know they are working to change the lives of those around them by sharing the love of Christ.

Most of all, I love being a part of Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission. I enjoy sharing a meal with homeless men and women and hearing their story. I also enjoy supporting the organization’s mission of meeting the basic, physical needs of the homeless individuals we serve while encouraging them to live a renewed life.

These are things that I care about and support! So, my question for you is, what are you passionate about?

Are you passionate about helping the homeless man you see sleeping on the street? How about the hungry woman and child who can’t afford a meal? You can turn your passions into actions!

Partner with Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission on May 3 as we join the Give Local Philly campaign part of Give Local America, an annual event that encourages passionate people like you and me to financially support the local causes we love!

Make a difference in the lives of the hungry, homeless, and hurting in Philadelphia, by visiting our website May 3 and give a $10 donation. With a $10 donation, you can provide a meal for five homeless individuals at the Mission. It doesn’t cost much to make a difference!

So, join the movement! Give locally this Tuesday and help change the lives of those in need!

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